Hack My Life: Study method

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Benjamin Franklin

I wrote a post about some principles of learning. But realised that it wasnt nessecary. Because I don’t think I’m using those principles anyway. So I’m just going to outline how I plan to study. I maybe write some learning principles later. The thing is, I read a lot about it, but rarely put it into practise.

I’m not sure how the courses is built. But I guess it’s lectures and tests. Maybe assignments. I have no idea how to deal with essays. I deal with it if it comes up. For now my focus will be on learning the material.

What to do.
  1. Check the course outline first to get an overview about what I will expect and what topic the teacher will cover. I will write it down and write down what it will be about without doing research. If I know nothing about it I know nothing about it.
  2. Before each lecture I will read the material first before I watch the video.
  3. I will use flow based notetaking (fancy word for taking notes. Write less and more diagras and pictures.) during the lecture.
  4. After the lecture I will review my notes. If nessecary complement with more notes and connect it with ideas I know.
  5. Write down the concept like I am teaching it to someone. Complement with more research or acquire more information if nessecary. Go through my notes again if I’m struggeling.
  6. In the end of the course, try to make a small project, explain it on my blog and compress everything into one A4-Page.

I am not sure if it will work. What I am unsure about is if I will be able to keep up and if I will do point 5 right. I think that 5 is the most important point. Because it is there I am checking my knowledge and if I really understands it. The best would be if they have small test so I can test my knowledge but it’s not a lot of courses that are built that way. Most courses only have a final exam.

Oh, almost forgot I will report how it goes each week and plan the upcoming week.



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