Project Hack My Life: Schedule

Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

As I mentioned in my previous post I will operate in a two week schedule.

Night shifts is 0000-0630 but I will be away from home from 2300-0730. My sleep schedule depends on red rooster. Hopefully they will give me evening shifts. Then I will be able to sleep from 0800-1600 prepare and eat then work 1730-2130.

When I work morning shift I be away from home 0730-1530 if I have red rooster or 0730-1730/1800 if I don’t have red rooster. I can choose a little bit.

Those applies from monday to friday. I probably going to get 8h on Saturday for red rooster. Then I will be happy with one shift during the week. So in the tables below you can see my schedules. I put the one shift from red rooster on Wednesday. So, the blue represent when I’m going to sleep, the green is work in the chicken factory and the red is Red Rooster.Image

It doesn’t look to bad. But I haven’t put in any time for eating. During dayshifts I work longer hour therefore I will have less free-time. I doesn’t have anything on sunday because I want sunday to be my day off. From everything. Even study. I will try to study on the evenings.

These are the fixed times. Food, rest and study relies on self-discipline. I will cover those in upcoming posts.

EDIT: Ops! Posted it to early. Whatever you will not get a post tomorrow then.



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