Life design

I’m in a car at the moment. We are on our way on a road trip down south. It will take 2h so I will have time to write a little bit. I’m of course writing on my phone so I apologise for any miss spelling.

You can say that I am living a quite stable life now. With a full time job and I’m probably going to stay here for a while. Slowly slowly I’m filling up the free time that I have. Full time job, casual job, fun right? No, I don’t really wanna work that much but I want to save up more money though.

What do I entertain myself with? Learning new skills. Guitar, memory techniques and soon study techniques. The best of all plan my life. Make myself as productive as possible. Planning my sleep, time to learn, time to rest.

This is what I’m passionate about plan my life. Make it as productive as possible because I am lazy. I don’t want to do more than I have to.

In march I’m going to take to internet courses on So in march I’m gonna be really busy. A part of me likes it. I’m gonna try some study techniques. I write about it later. This post became ttotally different from what I originally intended it to be.

Project hacking my life have started.



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