Off track

It is the third time I posted a post late. I guess it’s not so easy to post a post everyday.

Well it was quite easy. But then I got expectations. I was like ”I wanna post more quality posts.”, ”I wanna edit my posts before I post them” and suddenly I miss to post.

I have written a few that I want to edit a little bit. Instead it becomes like shit. I never edit them and in the end I forget to post.

Maybe it is not so easy to be a blogger. Sometimes you are out of ideas, you have to edit them, you have to think about how you write.

Luckily I am only a amateur blogger. It is not my job. But maybe in the future I can try out to be a free-lancer if I develop my writing. Some of the posts could possibly be interesting for more people, but the layout and the grammar have to be so much better.

Well I did not expect to write about that. I was planning to write about how bigger expectations can make you not do it. At least the more I expect of myself the less likely I am going to do it. For me it has to be easy.



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