A hopeless scientist

Missed to blog yesterday I know so this post is for yesterday.

At the moment I have a few experiments going. This blog, the major system and today I gonna try a new one.

I don’t have any hypothesis regarding the blog. I just hope that I develop discipline, a habit to write everyday and my writing. So long it’s seems ok. Doesn’t have any stakes in this one and I have given me enough flexibility to make this work. Well, it doesn’t have to work. I am just trying it to see if it will work.

Today was my first memory test. I tried to remember 20 random numbers on sunday and was tested today. I did remember all the numbers in correct order. I think I remember pi to the twentieth decimal as well. My next test is going to be 40 random numbers sometimes next week. It’s going to be interesting to see how it goes.

The one I’m going to try today is to turn my sleep cycle in one day. I am writing on my phone right now so it’s not convenient to link to the website. But if you are interested in beating jet-lagg this is something you can try. Starve yourself for 12-16hours the longer the better. The time you break your fast is when you wake up. For example I want to wake up 22:00 so my last meal going to be 08:00 then I’m going to work til 12:30 get home and sleep. I don’t know how effective it will be but it’s something I want to try a few times. Because I do one week daytime and one week night shift.

I feel like the weird scientist that try to do a lot of experiment and never really succeeds. I can’t remember the characters name at the moment. But I am trying to tweak my life so I live as productive as possible. it rarely works out as I plans. But it’s ok.



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