For the moment I’m quite motivated again. Want to do so many things, learn guitar, learn to cook, learn to write better, learn better english, exercise, build muscles, buy a car, learn to dance, start meditating. And a lot more.

The thing that are making me motivated is of course a book. The four hour chef – Tim Ferris. It’s a cookbook in disguise.  It’s supposed to teach you cook, but it’s only an example on how to learn anything.

I really like to learn things. As fast as possible. It’s just one little problem. The lazy person that is called Toni doesn’t want to work for it. He is more like a zen person, take it as it comes. It’s to much work to learn.

I won’t push you. I just make it fun so you like doing it. Perfect everybody is happy.

Just one thing that I thought was really interesting. Did you know that if you eat 30g protein within 30min  of waking up. It’s helps you lose weight. Maybe try it. Not that I have much weight to lose but a good habit to have. In case I get fat.



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