I’ve been thinking a little bit about the feeling belonging. When you sense that you are a part of something, friends, company, fotballclub. Just belong to a group of people.

I think all of us wants to belong somewhere. Where you feel welcomed, where you feel that they understand you, where you understand them, where you feel… They are just like me, we are so similar but still different, we connect with eachother.

Today a thought hit me. What if everybody feels that they don’t really fit in anywhere. It’s what I feel sometimes. I don’t fit in anywhere. Not that I don’t fit in but more like. I don’t really fit in. I can hang out there but I don’t fit in. I think it’s only in my mind. I create that distans myself. Even if I know that I still feel like that sometimes.

That would be funny though. If everyone thinks that they don’t really fit in anywhere. And a big relief.



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