Just came home from a small road trip. In the end we listened a little bit to a talk from a guy called Tony. He is a Catholic and was a drug dealer when he was younger but is free from that now. It was interesting to hear about what made him a true believer.

He prayed every night to god. But one night he said ”I don’t wanna live this life anymore, if you really out there give me a sign.”

The next they when he was walking down the street a guy gave him a flyer.  On the flyer he read ”Are you looking for a sign from god… here it is.”

Scary right? Then I remember a quote that Steve Jobs said. ”If you live everyday like if it is your last. One day you will be right” It went something like that.

So if they hand out those flyers every day one day. They will find a person who is looking for a sign. Then that guy or girl will become a believer.

Does it prove that god exist, No. But did it help him.? Yes. Does it matter if god really exist if it helps people to get better?

Of course I know that not everyone will be better but some. What is it that I wanna say. I’m not totally sure. Maybe that what you believe doesn’t have to be true.  Maybe that you shouldn’t argue with people about their beliefs. Maybe something else.  What do I know, you probably come up with your own interpretation anyway.



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