My second night shift. I don’t think I can handle it. Don’t know when to sleep. So I don’t sleep enough. I’ll probably ask them to change so I only do day shifts.

The night shift is less people and less boxes to scan. (The only thing I do is waiting for boxes to pass by on a line and I scan them.) As always my mind begins to wander. Reflect over this and that. For some reason I becomes very motivated. I want to practice guitar again.(Think I gonna buy one. ) I want to exercise regularly. The thing is, I was pretty much a walking zombie the whole day yesterday. So I didn’t do anything. I hope I can be a little bit more productive today.

When I’m standing there waiting for the boxes to come by. I’m thinking, ”How can I use this time effectively?”. Because the company doesn’t. I probably have the easiest job in the whole factory.

So what ideas do I have? Exercise, did some yesterday. Standing ones, my legs and my arms. Feel a little bit silly when other are watching. So I don’t wanna be to obvious.

Meditation,  did yesterday as well. Not sure how well it went. But I guess it takes time. I want to practice my mind. Like learn something. Memory techniques, languages, or just do some mental exercise . I’m maybe

 little bit too optimistic. We’ll see how it goes.



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