Australia day

Australia day

Almost forgot to write today. It was australia day yesterday and we watched fireworks. I have watched three fireworks within 6 month. It’s maybe not that special. But all of them have been quite amazing. Brisbane for brisbane festival, Sydney for new year, Perth for Australia day. You can probably find them on youtube. The firework in gothenburg are nothing compared to those. But I must say that the firework in gothenburg is quite different. Because we fire them ourselves and it’s with family.

Anyway, saw a quite interesting video today about all stages in a relationship.
1 – strangers
2 – the chase
3 – honeymoon
4 – comfortable
5 – tolerance
6 – downhill

That theory says that somewhere in part 4 you have to decide. Get married or break up. It can be true and it can be a lie. You can find relationship that proofs that and you can find evidence that contradicts that theory. It’s up to if you want to believe it or not. I chose not to. It’s because I don’t want to think like that. I don’t think it helps me. If you think that can help you, try to find proof of that theory and make it your own.



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