Happiness vs Growth

It’s interesting how you discover stuff about yourself all the time. Well, I maybe should say, it’s interesting how I discover stuff about myself all the time

It was a time when I considered personal growth as the most important thing. Now, I’m not sure if that is the case. Because I value happiness very high. And when I ask myself the question: ”What would I choose if I would have to choose between personal growth and happiness?”

Let me tell you the answer I got. I don’t know.

Why do want personal growth? Because it makes me feel fulfilled, happy, proud. But I won’t be happy if I don’t grow.

I think happiness is the most important thing for me right now. It changes all the time. Or does it? I maybe know myself better now. I’m not even sure if its makes a difference if I know my core values. You’re always acting through them anyway unconsciously. Then your conscience makes up a lot of rationalisations to justify your action.

The only reason I can see that it’s useful is if you want to change. Then you have to be mindful about your actions and act through the values you want until its becomes automatic.



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