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Today social media is a big part of our life. Not only social media, internet in general, email, sms. It has become a big part of our life through smartphones, one of the most revolutionary products in history but people don’t know it yet.

Is it a good thing? Well, I think social media is great. But we, or some people take it too far. It have bugged me for a while this thing because I lost my smartphone a few months ago. After that it dawn on me. Most of my friends at uni had smartphones. I didn’t see it before, probably because I had a smartphone as well. We sat and had lunch and everybody sat with their phones. I’m not sure what they did but I can guess that some of them sat on facebook, some of them txt with other people and some of them was playing games.

It hit me like a rock. I was like that. Wtf! Then I saw a Ted talk that spoke about the same issue. We are together but not together. We are hanging out but still not hanging out. Something seems wrong.

The women on ted Sherry Turkle argues that we are not good listeners anymore. Or more importantly we don’t perceive that other people are listening to us. Have we lost confidence in ourselves?

I remember times it felt easier to text with a person or chat with a person than to talk to that person. Well, I’ve had a few relationships like that over the years. It just wasn’t really the same when we met. Isn’t so much easier when you have time to think about how you gonna answer. It’s easier because we are able to write, delete, edit, remove, change whatever we write. Is it genuine? It’s not only their fault. It was my fault, I was scared, nervous when I met them. They probably were too. So when we met it just got weird.

Do we really get to know that person then? For example, my blog. If you never met me and only read my blog. Am I the same person? Do you think you know me because I share so many of my thoughts?  Let’s turn it around, let’s say you only met me, doesn’t know anything about my blog. Can you say that you know me then? I don’t know the answer, but I can tell you this. Some of the topics I talk about here, I wouldn’t dare to tell anyone about them if I met them face to face. First, don’t know how to ring the topic up. Second, I would think that the person would think I’m weird.

But I want people to like me for me. So if I don’t bring these up they don’t see the whole me and I’ll never know f they like me or only parts of me.

Don’t get me wrong. Social media have it’s place. For example, when somebody like my status updates. Makes me feel that I’m not alone. Someone send me a message, I feel like people care about me. They make us feel good and it’s a good way to stay connected with friends. Is this a bad thing? Is it not as real? I think this is a good thing if… If I don’t start to compare myself with others. She/he has more friends than I have. She/he have more likes than I have. WTF! Why am I on facebook?

I think this shows how I’m struggeling with it. Keep it healthy. Try to exploit the benefits and avoid the disadvantages.


En reaktion på ”Social Media

  1. I have used to write text or chat is because when we still was students at high school or primary school. We did not know if that one we text are busy or not. There’s why for me it had been a habit for me. When I met u at the street or somewhere else, it’s just because it always to suddenly you come from somewhere.

    I still can be that ”phone monster” I had always been since I was small :D..


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