Open minded

An interesting thing happend to me the other day. I was at a couchsurfing event. Met a lot of new people. As I usually do I don’t dare to attach myself to much to people. Sometimes I wish I took their facebook or just mention something about keeping contact.

Anyway, we had a discussion about what people plans were later. Like in the next year or so and we touched on a subject about home and family. Some people was planning to go home again because they couldn’t stand to be away from friends and family (obvious not me), some was planning on continue travelling. We asked eachother why. Almost out of courtesy but didn’t go deep into that.

In some moment though I though, you are travelling. It’s great. You learn so much, why would you go home and live a comfortable life without experience the world. There is so much to see and learn. But of course I didn’t say anything about that.

Later in the evening like a lot of hours later something struck me. “Wow, that thought I had was interesting.” I mean I think myself of open-minded. What I mean with open-minded is that it’s easy for me to accept other peoples viewpoint. Why did it take so long time for me to realize that travel isn’t everything. They maybe value the life with their families and friends more than travel. Then it’s right for them to go back home. And who am I to say that you can’t learn equally as much back home with friends and families.

It’s just about what you value most. Another thought struck me right now. If they are going back home because they are too afraid to travel by themselves then it’s wrong. But what if they value comfort more than growth?

I can see how that’s comfortable. But growth. I think it’s maybe imbedded too strong in me. But I think that people should strive for growth no matter what. I haven’t thought it true but it’s feels true to me. Why do you wanna be the same person you are now in twenty years? What have you done these twenty years? Have you lived?



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