Beliefs 2

Everything happens for a reason and it’s good for me
This one is based on the previous one. This works like my own mental immune system. Because no matter what happens I think it’s good for me. As you guys already know, it all depends on perspective. If I truly believe this or when any person believes this, what will I do when something happens? Or what will you do? What do you focus on? What questions do we ask ourselves?

The first thing is you will have faith in that it will work out, because it happens for a reason right? There are so many question that comes up. Is it a chance for me to develop my character? Was it because I needed to be here/there? Am I suppose to meet someone?

It doesn’t matter because you will find the reason in the future. Therefore, you will think that whatever happens it’s good for you.

This one are so good.

Follow your heart
This one balances the universe thing up. Because when you realize that it’s not all up to you can be lazy. But the universe can only lead you to the water it’s up to you to drink. What I’m trying to say is that you must know what you want and do everything you can to achieve it and it’s up to the universe to decide if it’s good for you or not to take that path.

The path you planned maybe isn’t the right one or you maybe need an essential skill that you will not achieve if you doesn’t change your plan.

Your heart know what you like and if you follow your heart you will have fun on the way. Another way of putting it is “Enjoy the journey”. A movie displayed it perfectly, the mentor said to his apprentice “I think you’re ready, It’s something I want to show you. Be ready for a long walk tomorrow”. The next morning came and the apprentice was of course very excited and happy during the walk. They walked for a very long time then the mentor said “We’re here!”, they were out in nowhere. “Is this what you wanted to show me?” said the apprentice disappointed.

“This stone actually.” Said the teacher.

“Is it something special about this stone?”

“Is something wrong?”

“We walked all the way out here for this?”

To that the teacher answered. “On the whole trip here you were happy, excited. You were like a kid on Christmas eve. Sorry you’re not happy anymore.”



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