Beliefs 1

Can you see how you can automate the question you ask yourself? So you don’t have to think about what question you should ask yourself all the time. What if we could automate the process? Something happens, you ask the right question and get the right feeling. For example, you have arranged to have dinner with your partner. You arrived on time and your partner is 15min late. Instead of thinking “She/he is always late.” What if you where thinking “She/he must really like me to take so much time to make him/herself beautiful for me.” What would you feel?

Your beliefs can help you with that kind of thing. Think about how it does that.

In this part I’m going to introduce some belief I think I got during this journey and some beliefs that I wants to have or haven’t fully incorporated. It’s hard to make them into a simple sentence, they go into each other and they mean so much more, but I’ll do my best.

There is something out there and it’s helping me fulfill my dreams
What I mean wit that is that I believe in a higher power. Sometimes I call it god, sometimes I call it universe.

This does so much. It takes a little responsibility from you. Takes off the pressure a little bit. It’s not all up to you, there are always something else that have to happen.

It makes you more humble because you know that you had help and it makes you more grateful as well.

So now, you can let you of the urge to control everything. With you I mean me. Now I can focus on things that I can control, the things I can influence. And trust that whatever happens I did my best. It wasn’t my turn today. But if I keep turning up, one day it will be my day. When I’m ready. What does this leads to? It leads to self-forgiveness, an important concept in and of itself. I could probably write a whole essay about that but if you aren’t nice to yourself why should other people be nice to you?

Short and easy. For example, I’m grateful for everything that happens and if I write something good I know that I had help and if I write badly I know it isn’t because I’m a bad writer it’s because I didn’t have time that time.



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