Self-fulfilling Prophecies

This post is a builds on the last one. I’m not sure if you guys have heard about self-fulfilling prophecies before. But it’s like if you think your partner cheats on you, in the end that will come true. Because you are acting suspicious of him/her it makes your partner uncomfortable and he/she gets the feeling that you don’t trust him/her. It will go so far that you guys either brake up or he/she cheats.

You start to believe that something is true even if it’s not so you’re acting in a way that makes it come true. Can you see how it relates to the last post? What you focus on? For example you are walking on a thread above a pool, you are afraid of falling into the pool, therefore you become nervous and it makes you shake, in the end you lose your balance and you fall.

To relate it back to the last post, can you see how important it is to focus on the right thing? It’s not only that, but I can’t make a good argument for it. But keep this in the back of your mind I it maybe makes sense to you later.



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