Meaning and confirmation bias

Our brains are always trying to make sense of things, that’s why it attaches meaning to everything. This connects with what perspective you use. We do it unconsciously whether we want it or not. I think it is what I think Buddhism is about. Trying to see things as they are without attaching meaning to them, or more accurately, be mindful of when you do and realize that’s what you’re doing.
You maybe have some superstition, I think that’s where natural medicine is coming from. For example if I get sick and I happen to drink Fanta and gets better. When that happens, our brains tries to find out why we got better, because if we do the same thing next time we probably get better faster. Let’s say I believe that I got better because I drank that fanta. Then my brain will try to find proof for that belief, maybe trying to recall all the times it had happened in the past, other people whom had been through the same thing etc. That is something called confirmation bias and that is scientifically proven. I’m too lazy to find resources to back it up. That’s why my essays sucks.

Can you see how, rationalization, perspective and self-fulfilling prophecies fits together? Think about it. Something happens, through your questions and focus you find a meaning and rationalize to confirm your meaning, that strengthens your beliefs and self-fulfilling prophecies occur.

You can’t always control what happens but in the long run, even sometimes in the short run you can define what questions you ask yourself and steer your focus, which creates a meaning and on it goes.

I just gonna end this with a story I heard not long ago.

A shoe-maker in the 1800th century wanted to expand his business and sent down two independent persons down to Africa to find out if it was any possibility to sell shoes. One of them came back and said “Glourious opportunity, they don’t have any shoes.” The other one said “Hopeless situation, they don’t wear shoes.”



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