Perspective and focus

This is another thing that has come into my awareness. It’s a very classical thing, it’s pretty much based on the “is the glass half-full or half-empty?”. But it can be so much more. It can shape your whole life, it can change your whole life.

I’ve read about it a lot of times before. It’s only recently I understood how it worked. Well I shouldn’t say that I understand how it works but it’s only recently I got how wonderful this is. What you focus on, how you interpret things and how you place meaning on things. I don’t know if I can emphasize it enough, but this is so important.

All of you know this already, everyone of you know how it works. That is how I changed as well. My view on certain things. The biggest thing that I can put my finger on is “Everything happens for a reason and it’s good for me.”. Through that I developed faith in the future, in a way a friend helped me on the way. The thing that convinced me is also my best example right now. You can read about it in my previous posts. I got problem in Cairns, at least I thought that it was a problem, but what did I find? What did I learn? That was meant to be. It was a challenge I had to get through to understand this better.

Another example on how perspective can help you. How it helped me. I got a job in a small town called Griffith. Worked from 5.45 til 18.30 everyday but sundays, well I didn’t work those hours but that was the hours I was away from “home” so to speak. I could have viewed it like, “Fuck, it’s long hours, I have to go up early and it’s so fucking cold. The work is so boring. The boss is shit. Why did I ever sign up for this?” or how I choose to view it “So, nice to get up early, when it’s so quite and calm. I get to see the sunrise everyday and the environment on the farm is so beautiful (It really was). It was nice meeting all these new people and joking around with them the whole day, teasing eachother.  I can save so much every week, around $800. I also get the chance to see the sunset every day.

Both was true. What reality do you wanna live in. What reality do you Choose to live in? It’s just a matter choice. Sometimes it felt like shit, but sometimes I was grateful for it. Think about it, I’ve already chosen to do it. I had to do it, why feel bad about it right? Why not focus on the good stuff and feel good rather than focus on the bad stuff and feel bad. Easier said than done though, but in the end it’s up to you. Furthermore, don’t you think you do a better job when you are feeling good than when you’re feeling bad?

How do you steer your focus? By asking the right questions? For example what do you ask yourself when you get a problem? Who fault is it? Or how do I solve this? That gives you different answers and different focuses.

It took time for me to get this. Don’t like expect that it will work the first time you do it. If it does great if it doesn’t work it’s ok too. Just see it as a fun experiment. That’s how I used to see it in the beginning.



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