Before I continue on from my last post I want to explain some concepts, you can probably call it principle as well if you wants to.
All of you have probably heard of rationalization, but I’m going to try to explain my view of rationalization.

You rationalize to make up reasons to justify the choice or actions you’ve done. As simple as that, How can I explain it more?

In todays society we have so much choice, sometimes it overwhelms us. Let’s say that I want to buy a new car, I walk into a carseller and ended up with a yellow car. Let’s say that I choose that car in the beginning because it was a good size. I say “I liked the size of the car.” After a while I will come up with other reasons, I like the steering wheel, I like the look of the car etc. It doesn’t have to be only positive reasons it can be negative as well. For example, after a year I wants a new car so I start to find things that is wrong with the car. The AC is complicated, I wish I had a bigger trunk etc.

I will get back to this. It’s gonna go through all of the post. Because it makes you doubt yourself. Is it only rationalization or did I really want it? Is it only rationalization or didn’t I want it?

I think that it’s one of the reasons people buy so much stuff, they convince themselves that they need it. For example I, convince myself sometimes that I need internet? But I don’t really need internet, I just want it or do I need it?

As you can see, it’s a complicated thing. You can even rationalize that you are rationalizing. Now, I’m starting to think to myself “does it matter if it’s rationalization?” sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no.

You’re maybe asking yourself why is he writing this? The main thing I want you to take from this is that, it makes me doubt myself sometimes. The second thing is that I want you to know a little bit about how it works.



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