During my trip in Melbourne me and a friend walked by a fancy restaurant on Southbank. I looked at the restaurant and said “I wish that I could just go in there and eat without worrying about the price.” He said “You can.” And I answered “Yeah! When I get rich.”

In that moment I realized, richness or wealth has nothing to do with money. Well a little bit, but most of it has to do with how I think about things. Of course money can help you, like travel helps you to experience things. Let’s say I have a lot of money and I go to an expensive restaurant. They show me to my seat and show me the menu. I start looking through the prices and the first thing I think about is how expensive it is, how it will affect my wallet and I feel bad because I could have spent less money for a meal. Let us stop there, it is that we trying to achieve by being rich? I think and feel the same feeling when I’m poor.

Same thing with relationship, your hobby, your work, everytime we think it will get better when we achieve something. It gets better in this marriage, it gets better when I get good at it, it gets better when I get a promotion. It maybe does, if it changes your thinking.

Let us picture the same scenario and instead of thinking about how expensive it is, how much it’s gonna cost me and feel bad about it. What if I look at the menu and think “Wow, so many good dishes, what am I going to choose?” Feeling excited, feeling glad and happy to taste some new amazing dish. That would be so much better right? The thing is, can’t you think like that or feel like that even if you’re not rich? I can imagine that it’s hard to do that when you’re broke. But most of us aren’t broke. Most of us can afford at least one such meal.

It’s worth thinking about. So how do you change your thinking? I have no idea. It’s something I’m investigating in and I think that I got a little bit deeper into it, but I can’t fully grasp it yet.



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