New Quest

I’m in Canberra right now. Just finished up work in a little town called Griffith. There wasn’t anymore work there so I’m a quest on finding new job. The blueberry season starts soon in east NSW so I’m heading that way. I wanted to visit Canberra but never got to it and now I got the chance, when a friend also wanted to move and find other work. Luck? Maybe. He has a car and it’s so nice to have a car. You get another sort of freedom. But in some cases it’s a liability aswell.

We were lucky to stay in a motel with free wi-fi. As soon as we found out we just went online directly. My life is so full of uncertainty right now. I know what I want, but there are so many variables that I cannot predict. But I have a lot of contingency plans in my mind. Flexibility at its best. Sometimes when I’m thinking about how many things that have to happen I feel very pessimistic about my chances to acheive the things I want. However I’m a little bit different from the person I was before. Therefore, it feels like everythings gonna work out and it also feels like I’m going home soon.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I’m writing and what I’m trying to say. When do I ever know? Canberra is a little bit different compared to the other cities in Australia. It’s planned, while the other cities have grown. You get a little different feelin, majestic.

During my stay in griffith I realised how much I missed the coast. Like river or ocean. Quite interesting. Maybe it’s because I grew up in gothenburg.

To tired now and I think that my english is getting wierd as well.

Byebye lullaby



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