Unplanned charity

Now I’ve been here a little bit longer. These last few days was quite interesting. I did rented a bike and visited all the tourist sites nearby and had a few days over doing nothing. I was planning to just go down to the beach and take it easy a couple of days.

So I went down to the beach and just lied there the whole day. I was just waiting for the sun to go down and then go back to my hostel when a man approached me. We talked a little bit and he invited me for dinner with his friend. I was a little bit suspicious and doubtful but accepted in the end. During dinner he started to talk about an orphanage he started. He told me some stories about that and that they just had moved to a new building. I was interested and asked about it so he invited me to paint with them.

So, the next day I met up with them and we went to the orphanage. It was really moving to hear the stories of the children and actually meeting them. But they all seemed happy and the staff was really friendly. It seemed like everyone loved working there.

I stayed there the whole day and helped them paint the walls. It just happend that a child with a disease was there. I saw him and he looked terrible. I cannot describe it, but you know when you look at someone that been badly burned. First, you get a little bit scared then you pity them. It was almost the same feeling here. But it looked different.

The children on TV exist. I didn’t know what to do. But luckily we moved on. It hit me. You know when you look at pictures and see them on TV, you know that it’s real but to see one in real life is quite different. Anyway, they helped him to get medical treatment and they told me that he was much better now. But the mother wanted to leave with the kid that day. They told her that her son needed more treatment but she refused and insisted on taking him home to their village. It was nothing they could do, so they tooked them home.

It’s pretty normal and because they don’t continue the treatment he can get infection and die. I don’t really know what it is that’s wrong. The parent should understand if they sons get better right. Maybe they just don’t trust them.

So last few days I’ve helped them and volunteered. It’s a different world for me and most of what they talked about was new to me. Finally I saw how it was from the charity organizers perspective. At least a little bit. It reminded me of J.K Rowlings talk on a university. Maybe it’s good to meet people who are less fortunate. I mean, really meet them. Not just see them.

Btw, their website Balikids.org



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