A few days in Bali

Ive been in Bali for a few days and a lot have already happend. Learnt a few lessons as well.

The first few days I stayed with a couchsurfer and it was really nice. The house was really basic, I mean really, really basic. But it was fine. They were really nice and kind and they helped me alot.

I got the first lesson the first day. I was looking for a sim-card so I could call my host. So I went to a store thatsold sim-cards and he told me it costed 150 000 rupiah and I was like ok and payed him. After that we tried the sim-card and it didn’t work so I asked for the money back. Ha said, ”no, I already opened it.” I was like. WTF! You sold me shit! ”Hey man! Listen it didn’t work on my phone so I can’t use it. Can you give me my money back.” He said no again. So I just turned and walk away. I didn’t know what to do. It worked on his phone. And after that I tried a few other stores but this time I asked them to try first if it doesn’t work I don’t want to buy. I think my phone is locked to som provider or something. But when I talked with my host about that he just stopped me after I said 150 000 ”What!? It only cost like 10 or 20 000.” I was like Damn, so I got ripped off twice in one transaction. Must be a record. People told me to bargain before I came to Bali, but for some reason I wasn’t thinking. I though sim-cards was different. Btw, 150 000 is around 150 SEK. It’s like a week wage for the average indonesian I think, at least someone told me.

Second lesson. I borrowed a phon from the hotel I was staying at and called my host to see if he was home. He was, so I was looking for a driver, just outside, someone said ”transport?”. I talked with them a little bit. They said 150. Just wanted to know. Because I heard that you only should take blue bird taxi. Saw a blue taxi, had a blue bird on in. Talked with him and he said 100. I was like ok. Then I went into the car and he didn’t start the meter. I asked him he showed me, it didn’t work. And then I asked him if he was with blue bird. He said ”No, we are another company!” I said ok, and kept talking to him. Then I arrived and talked a little bit with my host and went out. And we talked more in the evening.  I told  him about this experience as well. He was like. ”You got ripped off again. It should only cost like 50 or most 70.” That made me so happy! Not. But at least I learnt.

Third lesson. Rented a scooter (moped). Don’t need a license or anything just pay and you can use. Almost the first time driving but it was easy to learn. Learnt by myself. Proud of that. Learnt yesterday, went lost a few times but arrived at last and came home at last. But this morning I went out for lunch and was going back to the hostel. When another bike just hit me in the back right in front of the hostel. I was lucky and didn’t get hurt much and my bike was ok. But the other one got a little bit hurt. To make a long story short. She asked me for money for the hospital. 300, I knew it was like 50 or 60, So I was like I can take you to the hospital. She said it is ok. And asked for 200. I said I didn’t have that much and I showed her how much I had. In the end I was paying 150. The staff didn’t say anything and they knew. But then I talked with another tourist that been here a lot before and said that it was her fault and I didn’t have to pay. They are ripping off tourist that way all the time and told story after story.

I learnt a few other things about myself as well but I tell you another time.

It’s not that bad as it sounds, I met some wonderful people as well. Today for example a friend showed me around and we watched sunset with her friends. She was a friend of my hosts and I met her at their place. Was really nice. Just a example.

Actually I quite like it here except for one thing. I always have to watch my back and it’s so mentally tiring and bargaining is also tiring. Say a fair price and both win. Instead we have to bargain and both is unhappy if it’s no deal.

I started to use a strategy because almost all the stores have the same products. So I start very low. If they don’t agree I just move on to the next one and put a little higher price.

I guess it’s how you learn. And I’m lucky I had people who is to teach me as well.



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