Left Australia

I have left Australia now. I missed some part of it already and of course my friends there. I never know if I meet them again. But my friend and the universe made me a big favor. Some friends organized a good bye dinner and those friends who couldn’t make it to the dinner. Most of them I met randomly on campus. That gave me a chance to say good bye to them. To be honest I was afraid of making something big, like a good bye party or something like that. Because I was afraid that people wouldn’t show up. You never know how the other people feel for you so I really appreciated that some organized a good bye dinner. And some of my friends followed me to the train station as well which made me feel very special. But the friends I know from Brisbane didn’t know so I asked a few of them to come and they came. We had a little coffee and talked about the semester it was really nice even though it felt a little bit weird sometimes. I have no idea why.

I missed it a lot when I was at the airport and when I boarded the plane. But then a gentlemen around 60 sat down beside me and started to talking to me and we talked almost the whole way to Bali. He seemed to know a lot about Bali and gave me advice and what I should look out for. He scared me a little bit actually. I was thinking, “How am I supposed to survive there?” Then you can imagine how many worst case scenario he described to me. Anyway, I think that I’m more prepared now. All the research I should have done before my flight he told me in a little summery.

I noticed two things when I departed from Brisbane. The first thing, Brisbane is a wonderful city to see from above.  It was amazing! I wish I had a good camera. But I guess I always will save that picture in my heart. The thing is the gentlemen was surprised as well. It’s not always the plane taking that turn when departing from Brisbane.

The second thing was the night sky. I don’t know why I never noticed that before. But as you maybe had understood I had a window seat and halfway through the flight I looked out of the window. Well I did it a few times before that, but this time I really noticed the stars. It reminded mr of the glow worm cave I went to earlier this year. It felt so endless and eternal and in the same way it felt like it was something arranges outside the window, because it didn’t feel like we were moving at all. Almost like sitting in a fake plane with a fake sky outside. But I liked it. At first I couldn’t put my finger on why I liked it. Now I think I know. It felt like the time had stopped.  As I said. It gave me a feeling of eternity.



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