Random epiphany

I studied the whole day yesterday, after lunch til 11.30. Feel pretty proud about it. And it was pretty great because I studied with two others and all of us brought snacks and I took a coffee after lunch. So I was high on caffeine and suger the whole day. Ate like almost half a kilo of candy I think.

Anyway came home around 12 and brushed my teeth and then it hit me. I think I know why I brush my teeth regularly. Even though I’m dead tired.

Once upon a time I was a little kid…. And I grew up. Not the whole story. One time when I was young I encountered a very traumatic experience. I don’t know if i dare to talk about it. I’ll do it anyway. I met a woman who is called ‘Tandhygienist’ and I can ensure you. You never want to go there or meet her. She put me in a chair and then she uses a scary looking tool and pull, scratch and like really digging in your mouth. As if the would find some valuable stuff there.

When she was done, my mouth feels like it been abused and she told me that if I brush my teeth regularly and thoroughly I would never have to come back. I still shiver when I think about that.

And now everytime when I don’t want to brush my teeth I just think about that.

I guess traumas have their advantages


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