I’m  actually supposed to study. But I looked through all my pictures on facebook. It was a lot! And most of them is uploaded by others.

I realized that pictures are amazing things. It can remind you of good old times.

I smiled a lot. I’ve been through so much, so much. These last three years. Well, my whole life. All the pictures made me think about the past. I know that the past wasn’t all glorious all the time but damn, it was times I really enjoyed. But it was time when I felt like stuck as well.

What I’m trying to say is. I’m really happy that ppl have taken and uploaded photos of me. Even though the best memories is in my mind and heart pictures help me to recall those memories.

On top of that I’ve been watching old disney movies the last few days, really dived in to old times.  Aladdin, Bambi have a few more. It’s funny how I still enjoy watching them. The follow up to Aladdin wasn’t as good as the first one but the follow up to Bambi was pretty good actually.

Anyway, just writing down random thoughts. Btw, visited Movie World yesterday. It was a really small theme park. But it was pretty fun. They had a few rides that was really good. I think a little better than Liseberg. And since it was weekday we didn’t have to cue for to long. We saw some shows but the rest of the time we pretty much was on rides. So, fun. We took so many rides that I started to feel a little but nauseous in the end of the day.

I guess I miss the past a little bit. even though I enjoy the now. Well, not exactly now because I have to study. My first final exam is tomorrow- morning. Wish me luck.


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