I think I’m crazy. Because what I’m starting to belief… it’s… I don’t know. Sometimes it just feels so right. But sometimes if I really think about it I just think that it’s crazy. If, me a few years ago, met the me now I think I would think that me now is so delusional that it’s not even funny. So I’ve been struggeling with that the last few days.

Not really something to struggling about actually. But I do it. Tells you a little bit about how I am. I don’t think anyone have noticed but u never know. Btw, I think that’s how u get lonely. Secrets.

Anyway, did some whalewatcing a few days ago. And I can tell you that the weather wasn’t the best then. But it was interesting though and we saw whales! Real fucking whales! So big, felt like a little child again and everyone was excited. Well not exactly, half of the boat was throwing up but the rest was really excited. Didn’t get any pictures though. 😦

I thought that I was immune to seasickness but it wasn’t very pleasant on our way back. I was leaning over the side of the boat pretty much the whole way back. But I made it without throwing up. Pretty proud. I’m not kidding even two crew members got sick. It was little funny to watch actually. Just a tips. Don’t go out whale watching if it’s bad weather.

Yesterday, me and a friend went out walking just to talk in the evening. We just walked and walked. Talked, enjoyed the night sky and walked. We ended up in a place where neither of us been to before. In the middle of the night. so we just kept walking on feeling.  And a little bit of logic as well. It took a while but we got home in the end. It so wierd, we’re similar in someway but in some ways we are totally different. It’s interesting as well. We learn a lot from each other. We started around 8 and came home around 1 in the night.

I was so tired. And now I’m here.



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