A lot of stuff have been running through my mind lately. But everytime I trying to write about them, they always seem to disappear. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. To be honest it doesn’t matter actually.

Yesterday I went to dinner with a friend. It was the most… Well let me get back to that. Anyway we arrived at the place and took the elevator up. It was really fancy it had a cool screen, which showed you which floor you were on, it was very decorated and played calming music.

We arrived at the top floor and we had made a reservation so they had a table for us already. It was a buffe and we started with the entrée, so many good stuffs, you can’t imagine. It was like shrimps, crabs, sushi, ham, like a lot. And it looked really fancy as well. And the view was also amazing. We were at the 26th floor and it was night. So you can imagine it yourself.

In the middle of the entrée I felt that something was wrong. It felt like the building was rocking or moving. You know when your on a big boat and it’s barely noticeable. I just looked around and everything seemed normal and nobody was like reacting. I don’t know how, but suddenly it hit me. We are moving! The whole floor was like turning. I was like *Shit! This is so awesome*.  And during the evening we saw the whole 360 view.

Well, it was quite an experience and it was really fun.

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures. I didn’t dare too. Luxury resturant. But it would have been fun to see how everyone would react though.



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