Finally done with my assessment. Well, all the hard part anyway. I had a test last thursday. Had assignment that was due on wednesday, then another test on thursday and I had another assignment that was due today. Have been procrastinating for like 3 weeks. So the last few days have been like filled with… stress? I think it been stress. Well, if you met me then you wouldn’t notice anything. Because I met a few and they like. How can you be so calm? I’m not calm. But in a way I was. Cannot explain it. Even though I had to write 1500 words in 6 hours I did not really feel stressed. Maybe because it didn’t sounds like a lot. But the last assignment was so crappy, I just hope that he correct mine after an even crappier essay so that it gives him a little perspective. That could probably earn me a couple of marks.

Anyway finished this assignment and rewarded myself with sweets and an episode of HIMYM. Damn. The series is so killing me right now. It is still funny but some of the content are so… good. Cannot explain this either. Ted Mosby. I always liked him don’t know why. I think I identify myself with him a little bit.

Ok, leave that.I had a lot of thoughts. But the future is mostly on my mind right now. What need to happen in order for my plan to work? Btw, I’ve bought my ticket already. Well, it’s still late but pretty soon compared to the other students I know. I’m going to Bali the 19/6. The exam timetable came out last saturday and I booked my flight pretty much the same day. I’m gonna have exam the 9/6, 16/6 and 19/6. But the last exam is in the morning and the flight is in the evening so it shouldn’t be a problem. The thing is, a few days ago I got the news that it was a preliminary one. Ops! I just hope they don’t change my exams. Have two friends that they changed. But they said that is very rare that they change time for the exams.

I just have to brag a little bit because I’m pretty proud of it. I actually wanted to stay a couple of days extra so that I could have time to finish everything. But at the time when I was searching for plane tickets the cheapest was that very same day and the others was way more expensive. So I just went for it. And today I checked again and the prices have gone up even more. But that doesn’t help me if they move the exam to a later date. I’m just holding my fingers crossed and hope for the best. The final exam timetable should be put up tmr and nothing had changed on my schedule yet.

So much that have to work out.



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