The last bit

Back to writing a little bit again. Right now… ok, not right now. But this week I have been focusing on study for a exam. For two actually. It feels pretty good based on the tut questions. I’ve felt pretty good for a while. And that makes me procrastinate. Not really, not this time. But to be honest. It feels pretty good, but I know I have to study a little bit harder to get a higher grade. And it’s so hard to force yourself to do the exercises one extra time. Because I know that I probably pass, if the questions isn’t totally different. But I probably pass anyway. Both of the exams. If I don’t get wierd.

Something that I’ve been thinking about though is why is that. How come I became this way? It’s the same thing with assignments, when I’m 80% done. It’s so hard to do the last 20% and really refine it to get higher grade. Now I mean in general. Actually I think it happened to me for my last assignment. Hope you remembered when I wrote post about the lost of my assignment and how I struggled with it.  Actually I knew that it could be better. But I didn’t do the little extra. Not to complain but I wonder if that is the different between high achievers and average. The score I got on my last assignment was 9.5 out of 10. And I can tell you that in sweden I would only gotten pass/godkant. Knappt det. It was actually not that good.

Anyway, now I hope I did the little bit extra. To be honest not really, but more than I usually do and it was hard. I was playing Fifa with my housemates. And then I was like. Sry guys I have to go. Really felt like a plugghast. I hate it, because before I always had easy for school and dismissed those who needed to study. I guess I becoming one of those. Guess this post is a little bit shorter than my usual ones.

I think this skill is transferable though to other part of life. How come so many people just do just enough. I do that, don’t know how I manage to get out of it here. Just do the little bit extra if you always take the extra step. After a while you’re gonna be a head of the others. Even though comparing yourself with other isn’t a healthy thing. Think of it like this, if you take a step extra everyday for a year, you’re 365 step further on your path.

Just noticed something, be caution though. If you always pushing and forcing yourself. Then you will be tired. Find the balance. My problem is that. Let me tell you a story.

One day a man got a job as a lumberjack. He was very enthusiastic about it. So the first day he worked very hard and brought down 20 trees. The employer was very surprised and happy about it, so he praise him in front of the others and the man got very proud. So for the next few days he was very effective and brought down many trees. But slowly he began to notice that even though he worked hard he brought down fewer and fewer trees. This annoyed him so he worked even harder and longer. At first the results improved, but soon his performance declined again. So one day he performed really bad even though he worked his ass off, at the end of the day he started to cry. One of the other lumbermen approached him and asked him ”what’s the matter?” He told the lumberman about how he worked hard and still brought down fewer trees. The lumberman listened to his story and at the end he asked him. ”How many times have you sharpened you saw?”



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