Trying to study

It’s so funny how ineffective you can become sometimes. I’ve been trying to write an essay or report. Don’t know what to call it actually. I have tried to get it done all week. But the progress are so slow. I bet that if the deadline was right around the corner then I’ll probably had it done in like one or two days. But now it taken me like seven days, almost. The due date are on friday so I still have plenty of time. The interesting thing though, is that how come you are so much more effective when the due date are nearer.

What if you could have been so effective all the time. Then you would be able to get so many things done. I have procrastinated almost all week. On the other side, I haven’t done much this week. But if I was done with my essay then I would be able to start studying for my mid-term exams. Even though I don’t think they will be that difficult, because both of them are mostly multiple choice and some short answers. But you’ll never know how hard it is before hand. I think that’s what makes me a lousy student. I don’t really do more than I need.

An interesting study though studied how to learn faster. If you want to learn something faster it helps to shorten the feedback-loop. In other words you learn faster if it’s less time between your action or answer and the feedback you get. If that answer or action was right or not. And if you look at the schools system, that’s not that effective, huh ? I don’t know if I have criticized school before. But it’s so ineffective. Not really effective if you look at how many students who graduate every year. But ineffective in it’s way to teach.

The schools are like a big graduation factory. The handle it like how they handle other mass-production industries. Actually I don’t blame them that much just a little bit. It worked for like at least 100 years right? And it’s not really any real incentive to change that either. You get paid by number of students, at least in Sweden. And if a teacher is going to tell the same thing to 1000 student. Why not just put everyone in the same room so that he/she doesn’t need to say it 1000 times. That saves time. The problem that occurs is that every person learns differently and for some student you have to explain it in another way for them to understand. If you have a lecture and 20% understands then it’s hard for the others that didn’t understand. And another funny thing is that if the teacher aren’t self-conscious he/she can say that some student understood. It isn’t my teaching style that need to change but the students. They probably don’t have the prerequisite or younger people just getting dumber and dumber. It’s not my fault.

What if it’s really the teaching styles wrong. There are so much studies about learning and how to learn effectively but schools don’t changes. I don’t really know why. But anyway. I have enough energy to care a little bit. But not enough to change the whole school system. Because my idea are so much more expensive. And it rely so much on the teachers. Maybe everyone have to find their own way to deal with it. If the school doesn’t change then maybe you have to adapt. I just need to write this much for the essay and I wrote it in like 20min. It’s so wierd.



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